dimanche 3 février 2019

Theta, Abacus & Bandini

I know, Aletheia (with a theta) should be spelled Aleteia (with a tau) but i cant let the Theia slip - call it an old pun.

this is a screenshot of Abacus, Al's trusty computer - with all the retro you might want; with a message from Lachesis, recuring character with her 2 sisters.

and finally, meet episode one guest star Bandini

a charming personality.

vendredi 18 janvier 2019


my, i hadnt realized how long the process of adding clutter would be. i've always tried to have some details in the scenes i did to flesh out the mood (or jus go bare as with the black collection) - but here, as i'm building Al's office/home, i realize thats its more than mood - its Al's place, it should tell about her.
The bedroom/kitchen corner above still lack personality - and the noir-sci-fi touch, and while i'm filling the room, i'm not posing the actors...
Posting this draft and then later a more complete one so you can play spot the difference !

some time later:

notice the pet bowl ? i think Aletheia will have a cat companion...

mercredi 2 janvier 2019

vendredi 28 décembre 2018

Kapow ! Bang !

I'm in the process of watching as many noir as i can get my eyes on and i try to get the gist of that high contrast light. It also informs me on the tropes i want to explore and mess with. I dont really want Aletheia to be a female Philip Marlow - thats already very well done with Jessica Jones. And even tho this narrative maybe a little more than what i usually do, i should remember that i playing the erotic gamble here.
I tried to fog the scene above, tried to have the ceiling lamps cast some nice rays down with no success so far. I really want that foggy atmosphere, its part of the genre, blurs the background which in turns outlines the main subjects... But i dread the render times, making a long set even longer to produce. Maybe i could go with an episodic format ?