mardi 4 août 2020


wow, this site is famished for updates !
TotaM grows with 30ish pics for the main set and another 20ish extras.

lundi 10 février 2020


rebuilding all the characters from the ground up.
now is Ardente's turn and a good time as any to fiddle with the skin material some more.
1st iteration shown here was good enough albeit very glossy.
2nd iteration with a modified roughness in the specular node.
3rd pic is the octane graph.
quitez happy with the hair.

jeudi 23 janvier 2020


+ added new anim
+ added new props & dynamic materials
+ started listing the authors of the assets
+ more camera control

mardi 21 janvier 2020


+ gimble lock fixed
+ added controls to camera & idle camera delays
+ added hair & dynamic mats for them
+ started working on light

dimanche 19 janvier 2020

gimble lock

set some dynamic materials for the dolls skins
a basic ui
working on some camera controls and loosing myself trying to understand quaternions just for the fun of learning something new :)