jeudi 18 janvier 2018


here is side by side a 5000 samples render (about 30 minutes) & a 32000 samples render (some 4 or 5 hours).
5000 samples 32000 samples

The 32k is a bit less grainy, its still not as nice as i'd like; plus those long rendering hours dont fit the bill in the making of a set for me.
This is why i need a second machine to render while i would keep on working with my main workstation *sigh*
In any case, i'll keep on working the set, it's just probably gonna take a lot longer than i had hope for a release. And if i want a second machine, i need to release sets... so i'll be working on a smaller scope stuff to in parallel that i can put in store before spring.

mardi 16 janvier 2018

heart in the night

more testing with volumetric fog.
this one looks a lot better (in terms of grainy-ness) but it took a 7 hours rendering.
i'll need to check with a scene from Resolve, overnight, if it reduces the grain the same way, or if its an entierly different problem.

jeudi 4 janvier 2018

how about...

reworking the lighting of Resolve, i'm trying to play the film noir feel.
here is the previous version next to the reworked one:


new version:

i'm not yet done with the volumetric fog but i like this new look that fits my idea of the narrative.
next will be to fit Ella in all this dark mess without loosing her in the shadows... 

samedi 30 décembre 2017

to Morrow

Lets see, 2017 saw 3 sets out and the usual Black collection, plus the random pics to be found around the webz. And then very little publication. I've be hitting a technical wall on both UE4 and with the lighting of Resolve. I did kill a lot of sectoids in xcom2 tho - just in case it might solve my problems :)

2018 already has a destinations to go, with Resolve on the top of the list.
I'm not giving up on UE4 but i think i'll scale down my ambitions there. If i can get out a single (un)dress up mini game, in the vein of Ardente's Strip Me, but with 3d models instead of pre-rendered 2d pics, ill consider the milestone achieved.
Calice, Faunette, Marianne, Audrey... are living in my imagination and deserve a set each, so expect at least one of them to be sharing her fantasies.

Its a bit weird that coming from a written background, i develop my narrative without a word (apart from Strip Me which was a lot more verbose). *Show dont Tell* is the motto at work here. The character voice you imagine, their banter and moans can never be made better than within your imagination, i just hope the pictures provide the direction, the proper vector and that the whole converges toward the same overall story.
That said, i also like the minutiae of the old coffee-stained paper rpg character sheet, with a lengthy paragraph on how the protagonists chooses his shoes or would never eat peanut butter on a toast. Strip Me was a way for me to write about Cyprine and Ardente in more details and i'm thinking about doing more of that - but the format isnt clear yet.

And then there are all the projects that the childish infinite me would do on a dime, but that the reality bound me cant keep the pace with. Which will probably pop up here and there because those cant be kept silent. I sometimes wish i was more disciplined and rigorous but then a colorful butterfly captures my attention and off i go to infinity and beyond !
ah well, thats me :)

cheers to the year past, cheers to the year to come,
may joy, giggles and friendships follow you along